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I've watched this subject become a very heated debate among sportsmen living in the west. Out here we have the majority of America's elk so naturally it raises some emotions. So who is right and who is wrong?

Schmidt & Bender Summit 2.5-10x40mm- This new design by Schmidt & Bender is their first scope to be built on a one inch tube. The 40mm lens allows for a compact, low profile scope which can still boast good light transmission. The Summit can be mounted on a magnum or large caliber rifle and is extremely light, weighing in at 16.8 ounces.

First, the grains of the ammunition that you use will play a large role in the way that the weapon fires and the accuracy of that weapon. Secondly, the manufacturer of the ammunition may affect this function. The length and width of the Rifle, as well as the weight of the gun will also play a role in determining the overall accuracy of the weapon. Having a Rifle scope is an effective strategy behind exact accuracy.


After my rifle is sighted in, I go back to the bench and place a target at 25 yards and use the boresighter to project a laser beam directly onto the bulls eye. I mark where the cross hairs are on the target, then whenever I go hunting, I take this target and my laser boresighter with me so I'm always able to use them to check that my rifle is still sighted-in, without firing a shot. It's an important consideration when my rifle has been riding for a while in a bumpy hunting vehicle or after it takes an accidental knock.

After trying out all the courses, things would start to get boring. Fortunately, things have changed since. Yes, you still have warehouse and field courses but things have gotten more interesting.

Bow hunters will debate that it's not fair for rifle hunters to hunt during the rut. While rifle hunters will debate that it's not fair to let bow hunters hunt during the rut and for a whole month (at least in Utah). Writing about this subject and having watched a lot of sportsmen debate about it over the years has given me perspective from both sides.

Zeiss rifle scopes are offered in 6 different reticles that are Z-Plex and reticle 4. Zeiss offers a life time transferable warranty, which gives the owner a pledge of its supreme quality. Its large objective lenses increase low light performance, when compared to a number of other top quality scopes in twilight environments. This scope is not just a slightly brighter it was a great vortex diamondback 10x42 deal brighter.

Lastly, though not necessarily a potential problem, consider only purchasing a rifle of a common caliber such as a.308 or.30-06. If you're like mossberg magpul people, you live on a budget. Having to spend an arm and a leg to go hunting won't be much fun once the newness of the gun wears off. Some of the less popular cartridges are much more expensive than there more standard counterparts.

Hopefully these simple, yet important steps will help you select a used deer hunting rifle that not only fits into your budget, but will work flawlessly when you head out on your next deer hunt.